Macro Influencers

Macro Influencers

Who are Influencers and why do brands engage them?

A social media influencer is one who has a significant following and social media presence. They may be engaged by brands to promote and market their products (such as physical products, campaigns, causes or any call-to-action). It can be compared to traditional advertisements of products, but a key difference here is that they are likely to have more of a relationship with their followers as they interact and use the same platform.

Depending on the size of their following, they may have different kinds of relationships with their followers and this affects the outcome a brand can get from engaging them. Influencers can be categorized into micro and macro-influencers based on their following size – micro-influencers are those who have between 1,000 to 10k followers while macro-influencers are those who have between 10k to 100k followers. There are more categories for influencers who have an even larger following, but this post will just touch on micro and macro-Influencers.

Who are macro-influencers and why should you engage them?

Macro-influencers have a following above 10k and have a larger pool of audience as compared to micro-influencers.

If you are a new brand and spreading awareness of your brand is more of a priority as compared to driving sales in the initial stage, you may consider engaging macro-influencers instead of micro-influencers. Xin Lin (macro) and Leah (micro) post similar content on fashion and lifestyle. In engaging a macro-influencer like Xin Lin, you may be able to reach beyond your main target audience as compared to engaging Leah.